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Marietta High School Bands

The Marietta High School Band Program has a rich history of tradition, excellence, and musical heritage that is deeply engrained in the Marietta community. The program has served thousands of students over the many years of its existence, and thus, the collective reach of the program has been widespread in the region and across the United States. We are proud to continue to offer students a musical experience that will carry them through their lives. Below are some of the opportunities students can look forward to as members of the Marietta High School Band Program.

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Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is the premier concert band in Marietta High School. This ensembles functions as a developmental group, where students can improve their skills as performers while performing intermediate to difficult level literature. Students in Symphonic Band will explore a variety of repertoire, learning about musicianship, styles, historical context, wind band techniques, all while improving their skills as an instrumentalist and ensemble performer. Students will also develop a heightened attention to detail and work to take music beyond just ‘notes and rhythms’ on the page.

Symphonic Band is open to grades 9-12. This is a required part of the 6th period band course. This is not an auditioned ensemble for entry, but chair placement auditions are a part of this course.

The Symphonic Band performs 3-4 concerts per academic year, plus additional performances as needed within the school community. The Symphonic Band also participates in OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Events each year.


“Wall of Sound” Marching Band

The Marietta High School “Wall of Sound” Marching Band provides quality halftime/competitive performances, endless school spirit, and engaging music and visual performance opportunities to students. The member of this organization are musical ambassadors for the continued prosperity and growth of Marietta High School and its programs. “The Wall” makes an active effort to remain visible and present in the Marietta community. In addition, “The Wall” provides opportunities to develop lifelong connections, responsibility, and leadership experiences.

Marching Band is open to grades 8-12. This is a required part of the 6th period high school band course. Auditions depend on section - prospective members of color guard must audition for a spot. Percussionists must undergo an audition process for placement in the correct and most appropriate role for students.

“The Wall” performs in local events - parades, standstill performances, etc. In addition, the ensemble performs at all football games (home and away), and 5-8 OMEA Adjudicated Events (competitions) throughout the season. The ensemble is a perennial competitor at OMEA Marching Band State Finals, earning superior and excellent ratings consistently throughout the year.


Pep Band

The Marietta High School Pep Band is the premier basketball band in the school district. The Pep Band is present throughout the basketball season, usually performing at 8-10 basketball games as the season continues. The ensemble is in place to show support for our school community, spread the joy and message of music education in public schools, perform live music for the team and spectators, and to be good musical stewards and representatives of the Marietta High School community.

Pep Band is open to grades 9-12. This is a required part of the 6th period band course. This is a non-auditioned ensemble. Students are split into 2 groups to lessen the per-person time commitment for students’ after school time, while maintaining an active presence at games throughout the duration of the season.

The Pep Band also travels to the local elementary schools and middle school to perform popular music for the respective student bodies. Their mission is to spread the importance of live music and music education in Marietta City Schools, and to share their passion for music with the younger generation of students.

Jazz Band (New - Coming Soon!)

This is a new ensemble opportunity coming in the new semester. Details will be available closer to the school year about this exciting reinstatement of the jazz band. Stay tuned for more info!

Individual Instrumental Methods

Individual Instrumental Methods is a unique opportunity for students at Marietta High School. Students enrolled in course have a period scheduled into their day in which they may learn a new instrument, practice their current instrument, hone their music theory/other musical skills, and work with online resources and technology to deliver coursework. Students have the opportunity to study any wind or percussion instrument, switching quarterly throughout the semester.

Individual Instrumental Methods is open to grades 9-12. Students have the opportunity to study any wind instrument (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba), percussion instruments (mallets, drums etc.), or beginning piano, switching quarterly throughout the semester.

Honor Bands/Solo and Ensemble

Through participation in the Marietta High School Band Program, students are presented opportunities through affiliated organizations to rehearse, perform, and develop outside of our own ensembles. Students have access to participation in OMEA and ECOL local honor band events, as well as OMEA All-State ensembles. Students are able to audition and/or be nominated for ensembles through band staff associations with the organizations.

In addition, students are required to participate in OMEA Solo and Ensemble. Solo and Ensemble presents an opportunity for students to participate in a very different…